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Company Profile
  • Nanjing KY Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise which is founded by Mr. Liu Guangzhi, who has won the title of Special Contribution Expert to the Country, together with a number of senior engineers from the former Chemical Machinery Institution of the Chemical Ministry, some senior experts from former KY and many industry elites.

    The company currently has all the manufacturing facilities and centers for making twin-screw extruders, screw profiles including six new professional CNC grinders, CNC gear profile grinding machines as well as 50 various types of high-precision machine tools. All these can ensure the quality of all the core parts and components for making the new generation of twin screw extruders, while the imported advanced testing equipment will guarantee the processing precision of parts and whole machine assembly.

    The company has a most advanced laboratory in the industry in China, equipped with SK50, AK35 twin-screw extruders with loss-in-weight feeders and from BRABENDAR German Company and K-tron USA. The company has all upstream and downstream machines from mixing to various pelletings. The SK50 test unit, equipped with German HENSCHEL's latest high speed (1200 RPM) high torque gearbox (N = 12), therefore we can provide various process and equipment experiments for our customers.

    The company currently process three series of twin-screw extruders of nominal diameter from 20 mm to 165 mm, and production capacity from 2 kg/hr - 6000 kg/hr. These machines have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries for mixing, extrusion, granulation and molding process etc.

    KY mach, with decades of design practice in twin screw extruder industry, commissions and service experience of more than 3000 complete sets of equipment to all over the world, with dozens strategic partner of well-known brands home and abroad, will be a new Little Giant, and continue to lead the innovation and development in the industry. We are looking forward to cooperating with you and create a bright future.

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