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The network management platform of KY

  • The company has invested more than 2 million yuan to build the industry's most advanced enterprise network management platform, which realized the regulation and control of various operation flow.

    1. The perfect network hardware and data center make unified management on product related data from the early stage of R&D guarantees the safety of product technology innovations industry and R&D data.

    2. The automation, standardization and systematization of management system helps the employees at all levels to share information, working together with high efficiency;

    3. the strong ability of computer data processing greatly shorten the schedule of new product development, which avoids the repeat designs, and is able to respond to market and customer demand promptly, then the products that satisfy the market and customers’ requirements can be developed rapidly;

    4. advanced CNC machining center network can help management of programming and auxiliary production tasks completed in the computer quickly and efficiently, and through the Internet the processing could be data to processing equipment, the effective utilization of machine tools.

    5. Integrated management and monitoring process from product sales to the spare parts procurement, warehousing, processing, assembly, delivery and after-sales service and other business affairs; and plan of projects can be reached.

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