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Manufacturing System
  • Inspection Technology

    Develop first-class technology; manufacture first-class products, guarantee first-class quality, provide first-class service

    Quaility Object

    In line with the requirements of ISO9001:2000 quality control system, KY mach has established soon quality control system suitable for its production and operation activities. In line with the international advanced level, KY adheres to technical innovation and constantly develop new products, striving to be the ‘pioneer’ in Plastic machinery industry: new product development≥1 item/year,technical improvement≥3 items/year;by conducting technical training for all employees and improve the professional technology and production skills ; keep upgrading equipments & improving work environment and manufacturing processes. KY provides first-class requirements domestic and overseas with quality and service to its customers. Its goal is Factory pass rate 100 %, a commissioning acceptance rate reaches 100%; customer complaints handling rate is 100% and customer satisfaction rate is 90%.

    The quality control process of KY mach

    Incoming Quality Control (IQC)

    Inprocess Quality Control (IPQC)

    finally quality contrl (FQC)

    nonconforming product control

    monitoring and measuring devices control

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