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Control System
  • Factory level control system   

    Moving towards fully digitization, intelligence, networking and integration of management and control; KY’s Plant level control system consist of PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)、DCS(Distributed Control System)and FCS(Field-bus Control System).

    Multi-stage control management system:Generally can be divided into management level and workshop level,which may include several administrators, engineer stations and operator stations, to realize remote and on-site control is available.

    Video storage system management and historical storage system: the video or image of production activities can be transmitted through the network to the management level in case of machine breaks-down. Real-time online management system: real-time monitoring display the working state of all the equipment, automatics records and real-time trend chart which can be printed.

    Remote network diagnosis and monitoring function, it realizes long-distance remote diagnosis and maintenance without engineers at site in person.

    Field level control system

    Intelligent instrument control system

    PID dual channel temperature control system, temperature control precision is within ±1℃;

    Button operation, the indicator light indicates the equipment working state;

    Simple control system, low cost.

    LCD+PLC control system

    LCD text operation panel + PLC control, it displays working state of the device and operation data: such as the main engine current, rotation speed, pressure and alarming device information, with paperless recorder for data recording function as an option as well.

    Can realize the closed loop control function and simple communication function;

    Convenient maintenance and high price ratio..

    PLC, IPC, PCC control system

    Adopt Siemens S7 - 300/400PLC, IPC, and B&R PCC + 10.4 inches (or above) true color touch screen or LCD display (display size 20 to 29 inches),

    Can realize the visual control system;

    Provide data storage and query functions: real-time recording store of equipment operation data and historical data query functions;

    Provide network communication function, which lay the foundation for the factory level control system;

    Provide data management and download function for optimizing the production process, save time and cost effectively.

    Certification and safety

    CE certification: execution the standard of EN60204-1 and EN114-1, we can produce according to UL certification and conform to the UL standards;

    Safety circuit level: ≥2, execution standard EN954-1; System breaking capacity: 25 KA;

    Cabinet IP level: IP 42-IP55;

    External connection: External connection technology in.European spring clamping type

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