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Test Center

  • Solutions based on testing results

    1.Testing results scale up based on specific materials

    2.Customers can do trial run through laboratory equipment, customize the equipment configuration menu.

    3.The product is designed ergonomically and pays attention to practical, energy conservation, optimization, and conforms to the concept of green product design.

    4.Our team has experience thousands of sets of equipment, and is rich in non-standard product development, design, manufacture, commissioning experience.

    5.Friendly PLC operation interface and easy-to-use button operation interface, customers will be able to operate machine equipment in a very short time.

    6.Our processing and application technology making the operation flexible and easy.

    7.The design of the machine has high reliability and long service time.

    8.Quick return of equipment investment and high yield

    9.Excellent innovation development team, provide solutions for customer’s product.

    10.Comprehensive and systematic operation training to ensure that customers have deep understanding of the compounding equipment. By site operation training, including the twin screw extruder and upstream and downstream equipment, the clients can operate equipment flexible and economically, to its play the maximum performance.

    11.Machines are tested strictly before delivery so as to reduce the local commissioning

    12.The high quality standard is our strategy

    13.As a faithful partner to customers, we can make our products more efficient processing, optimized technique, and cost savings through the cooperation of both sides.

    14. We provide customers with a combination of experience, equipment and services. The customer investment risk and technology risk can reduce to the minimum.

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